A Small Initiative.

This is not only about playlists but more than that.

Music has no one language and observes no borders, but is still a common way of spreading love and a way to express thereby providing a sense of unity & identity. Not only this but it’s a form of meditation for us.

This is why we thought to start building playlists as a way to express ourselves and a small way to spread Love and message of Unity in times of so much hate and negativity all around.
Not only for this reason but also show some respect and support Indie/Artists who deserve all the attention and respect which they didn't get for some or the other reason.

All our playlists are curated keeping these facts in mind rather than any Algorithms and AI. We don’t charge to include any of your Tracks in any of our playlists. Means you can submit tracks for free and don’t have to pay for curation and we live by that standards.

So if you are a Streaming Service, Major label, Indie label, Independent Curator, Music Producer, DJ who wanna be Friends with Us or Collaborate then feel free to send us a DM.

And if you are an Artist looking to place your Track in any of our playlists and showcase it to the world then contact us here.

Our curated playlists include some hidden bangers by Artists who deserve as much respect and appreciation. So please do support them by following them and checking out their other tracks too!


Progressive/Electro/Bass House/Big Room










Indie Fam


Be With Us if you think we are doing something cool. It only encourages us to do better!

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