Fulmontee Rewards & Referrals

                    What is Fulmontee Rewards Program all about?                

So here we present an exciting and super simple rewards and referral program called Fulmontee Coins. Not only it's a simple and straightforward rewards policy with no hidden conditions but also aligns with current age Social media as you can get rewards for being social too!

                    Why is this Program different from others?                

You can also earn rewards in the form of Fulmontee Coins even without spending a single penny in our store by just being friends with us. No hard and fast rule to shop and earn rewards. Check How can I get Fulmontee Coins section for more details.


How can I get Fulmontee Coins?

                    Refer at least 3 friends and receive 300 coins when they order.                

All you have to do is invite at least 3 of your friends to Fulmontee by sending the invite link from your Rewards dashboard and you will receive 300 Fulmontee Coins when they place their first orders. Refer the How to manual to know how to do it.

                    Where can i find my referral link for sharing Fulmontee on Social media.                

Log in into your account. Go to MY REWARDS POINTS section in MY ACCOUNTS dashboard, click on SHARE AND SAVE option. Refer the How to manual to know how to do it.

                    Earn Coins for a Facebook Share.                

Share us or your Referral link with your active account on Facebook and get 75 Coins.

                    Earn Coins for a Facebook Like.                

We like you too! So you get an appreciation of 50 Coins for liking us or our creations with your active Facebook account. What are you waiting for!

                    Where can I find my referral Link?                

Refer the How to manual to find your Referral link.

                    Get 20 Coins for pinning us to Pinterest                

Pin us to Pinterest with your active Pinterest account and earn 20 Fulmontee Coins.

                    How do I Share, Like Pin or Tweet?                

You will find the Like, Share, Tweet or Pin buttons as shown below!

                    Get 150 Coins when you use your friend's invitation and place your first order                

We reward you for trusting your friends. So you get 150 Coins when you use your friend's invite link and place your first order!

                    You can also earn 10 Coins for every ₹100 spent in store.                

You receive coins equivalent to 10% of the amount spent in-store that can be used in your next shopping with no conditions applied. For example if you spend ₹900 you get 90 Coins or if you spent ₹1500 then you get an additional 150 Coins that you can spend on your next order with no conditions applied. That's a cool 10% Cashback on your order over and above any existing discounts. This applies to existing discounted products as well!


Spend Fulmontee Coins.

                    Are there any limits or restrictions on spending my Coins?                

Of course not. No rules, limits, restrictions or hidden conditions apply. Spend as much as you wish on any order or orders. Use the entire coins on 1 order or multiple, totally up to you. 1 Fulmontee coin is equal to ₹1 so use it s you like.


Some pointers to make best use of the program

                    How much is 1 Fulmontee coin worth Indian Rupee.                

1 Fulmontee Coin = ₹1. Simple as that, no hidden calculations!.

                    Is there a help guide or a manual?                

Yes. You can find it here.

                    Ok I liked a product and shared it on social media too, what next?                

Great. You should receive an email instantly confirming the Coins crediting into your account. You can check your Coins balance under MY REWARDS POINTS section in MY ACCOUNT dashboard by logging into your account.

                    How can I track my Fulmontee Coins.                

You can see your earned, spent and balance coins under MY REWARDS POINTS section in MY ACCOUNT dashboard by logging into your account.

                    Why do I need to create an account.                

Creating an account helps you check you coin balances and keep a track of your earned and spent coins. You will also receive a confirmation email immediately whenever points are added to your account.

                    Duplicate or Fake profiles!                

Do note, you can operate with only Account/Profile. Our team does assess all Fulmontee profiles created and any Duplicates or Fake profiles will not qualify for Fulmontee Coins and if for some reason Coins do get allotted then Fulmontee reserves the right to cancel them at any given point when found to be a Duplicate or a Fake account/profile. Only one profile out of multiple/duplicates and genuine accounts out of fakes qualify for Fulmontee Coins.

Same applies to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts, sharing, liking from fake, duplicate or non-active accounts do not qualify for Fulmontee Coins. We are only asking you to be genuine to get rewarded.

                    Can my Coins get cancelled/deducted?                

Yes. In case the coins are allotted for New Orders placed and that order is Cancelled or Returned & Refunded then the alloted coins will be cancelled.

                    Changes to offers and Reward program benefits.                

We reserve the right to amend offers and make changes to the Reward program as and when needed. Check out this page or our Social media handles to know the up to date offers and Reward program benefits.

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