Fulmontee Salute


Thanks for stopping by. A bit on this support program's mission and objective.


We at Fulmontee are well-aware of how many talented and genuinely hard-working artists, in general, are being left out. These are the true artists, true dreamers of our country who have gone all the way in their streams and deserve as much appreciation and need to be inspired to reach the top of their abilities and help make our country proud one day.

Fulmontee SALUTES such heroes and has made an effort to cover it – the special one of its kind Support Programs are a great example of sponsorships and assistance done right. We do this by leveraging our strength and connections for you to connect to the right people or organisation for support. The mission of this programs is to gear deserving artists up and aid them in Training, Mentorship and connecting to the right people. Fulmontee has gone as far as designing personalised costumes for such champions with the best quality material that can be bought at competitive prices with a specially designed order placing facility in our online store. It’s always better to give than to receive, huh?

This is a small way in which we are trying to do our bit for society by fulfilling dreams and vision of a deserving Artists.

So if you are a Musician, Dj, Singer, Rapper or Dancer and think you can make use of this program then all you have to do is apply by filling the application form accordingly. Once your details are submitted we will review the information you have provided and get in touch with you. Simple as that. So if you think you are one of them or you know anyone who think should require this assistance then don't wait, just go Fulmontee!

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