How We Do

A bit on how we do what we do.

All our gears are made from POLY SPANDEX fabric that is a blend of both Polyester and Spandex and it has some super cool features.

Polyester fabric is known to be strong, soft, wrinkle-free, tear-resistant, and comes with reduced shrinkage compared to CottonĀ and Spandex, on the other hand, is stretchable and super light. Spandex has the super ability to stretch up to 600% and also recover to its original shape. This amazing feature allows free movement of the body without losing the shape of fabric or product.

Poly Spandex fabric comeS in different combinations which is why it is important to choose the right blend and quality. Too much of Spandex will stretch too much and too less will offer limited stretchability and also substandard quality Spandex may lead to fabric losing shape post stretching/washing which of course no one would like to have one. The fabric knitting type and yarn quality is an important aspect to consider as well. Not having the correct knitting type or substandard knittings may lead to fabric losing shape or only offering 2-way stretch i.e. stretching only in 2 directions and may lead to restriction of body movement as compared to 4 way stretch.

Our gears are built with Poly Spandex fabric which has the amazing 4-way stretch feature i.e. super stretching in all directions allowing unrestricted movements of the body. Also, it is made using the finest Quality Yarns that are compliant to exports Standards and go through Standardised Dyeing and processing houses to meet international level rigorous standards.

Not to mention the additional wicking treatment done on our fabric. The additional wicking technology helps get rid of sweat and moisture away from the body to regulate body temperature preventing from overheating during heavy and intense workout sessions, trekking, jogging, running or when you are outdoors sweating in the scorching heat.

So simply put, with all this technology we build gears in 2 types of fabrics. You can choose to go for only Poly Spandex fabric i.e. the Fluid Series gears that are strong, soft, light in weight and with the 4-way stretch feature or all of these features plus the additional Wicking technology done on the fabric i.e. the Quick Dry Series Gears. We recommend Fluid series gears for light workouts, Yoga, Indoor sports & leisurewear. For outdoor activities like jogging, running, trekking, intense and heavy workouts, outdoor sports Quick-Dry series gears are best.

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How we bring out those vibrant colours and designs!

Sublimation Dye Printing is a process by which the design is first printed on paper and then transferred on fabric by the application of heat. In this method, the color is transferred from printing paper to fabric with the help of heat and pressure. This method of printing makes the product stand out in terms of appearance. No peeling, cracking or washing away. The colours that are printed by this process look more vibrant and, unlike the traditional methods used in cotton garments that carry risk of fading after a couple of washes, they retain their shine and appeal even after hundreds of washes.

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This is why our gears are not only strong, flexible and sweat-wicking built for performance to achieve your fitness vision and goals but are vibrant in colours with super fun prints on technical fabrics, we are sure it'll be a nice addition to your casual wear wardrobe as well. So whether you are trekking, running, jogging, performing heavy and intense workouts or play any outdoor sports or just need some cool gears built-in technical fabrics, Fulmontee has got you covered.

Hope you enjoy them, if not then let us know and we will be happy to hear what you have to say.

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