Fulmontee Coins

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What is this all about?

Fulmontee Coins is an exciting and super simple Rewards and Referral program to get rewarded with no hidden conditions.

Why is this Program different from others?

You can also earn rewards in the form of Fulmontee Coins even without spending a single penny in our store by just being friends with us. Refer to the below How can I get Fulmontee Coins section on how you can earn and spend your Fulmontee Coins.

How can I Earn Fulmontee Coins?

Get 300 Coins for Signing up in Store.

Sign Up in our Store and confirm your account to get 300 Fulmontee Coins.

Invite your friends to Fulmontee and get 150 Fulmontee Coins.

Invite any number of your Friends to Fulmontee and you will get 150 Fulmontee Coins for each Friend Signing Up in Store. Refer the How to manual to start Referring.

Spend Fulmontee Coins.

How much discount can i Get?

For every 1 Fulmontee Coin you get 1₹ discount and you can redeem your Fulmontee Coins on CHECKOUT PAGE for up to 40% of your total order! Thats a FLAT 40% discount on your cart total.

Some pointers to make best use of the program

How much is 1 Fulmontee coin worth Indian Rupee.

1 Fulmontee Coin = ₹1. Simple as that, no hidden calculations!.

Is there a help guide or a manual?

Yes. You can find it here.

How can I track my Fulmontee Coins.

You can see your earned, spent and balance coins under MY REWARDS POINTS section in MY ACCOUNTS dashboard by logging into your account.

Why do I need to create an account.

You need to login to earn and spend Fulmontee Coins. Creating an account also helps you check you coin balances and keep a track of your earned and spent coins. You will also receive a confirmation email immediately whenever Coins are added to your account.

Can my Coins get Cancelled/Deducted?

Yes. In case the coins are allotted for New Orders placed and that order is Cancelled or Returned & Refunded then the allotted coins will be cancelled. Also note, for earning coins via Referral, the Coins will be credited to your Account if the person who you have referred, has signed up in Store using your Referral Links only. If the person has not signed up in Store using your Referral link then you will not be eligible for Referral Bonus Coins.

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