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    A Design Collective Startup & Brand inspired by Street Culture, Artists & Creative nerds with a vision to make High-quality Streetwear Sustainable and contribute to Artists community with Creative & Progressive Artworks and Collectibles.

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    The name Fulmontee is conceptualised from British slang “The Fullmonty” which means to do stuff with your full potential without the fear of outcome.

    This matched with our founding team's beliefs to become not only our brand name but our founding principle and something we promote amongst everyone, everywhere.

    This is why we believe in - POSITIVELY GOING OUT THERE AND LIVING FULMONTEE, just don't wait!


Streetwear represents the youth and today's youth believe in expressing themselves. This has led to a constant search for clothing and accessories that are meaningful and resonate with them, something above regular trend and beyond regular fashion.

Our intention to start up is not only to fill this gap with high quality and honest price but create collectibles that are meaningful and truly mean special and unique when you own them.

So if you are someone who believes in living out loud, help build an inclusive & evolving community who like living out loud, then we would love to have you in the Fulmontee movement.

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